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Designed standup pouches for Aam Papad.

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Standup Pouches for Aampapad ,standup pouch for confectionery products such as Aam Papad, and provides tips on selecting the right material, shape, size, and design.

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-standup pouch Include a graphic of a mango or a mango slice to highlight the product's primary ingredient. You can also add a few images of other tropical fruits to give it a more summery look.

Traditional Indian design: Use traditional Indian design elements such as paisleys, intricate motifs, and bright colors to create an attractive standup pouch for AamPapad. You can include a photograph of the product or a graphic of a mango in the center, surrounded by the design elements.

Minimalist design: If you prefer a more modern look, you can opt for a minimalist design for your standup pouch. Use a single color or a simple pattern and add a small graphic of a mango or a tagline that highlights the product's features.

Fun and playful design: AamPapad is a fun and playful product, and your standup pouch can reflect that. Use bright colors, bold fonts, and fun graphics such as cartoon mangoes or cute illustrations of animals to create a playful design that appeals to kids and adults alike.

Retro design: Use retro design elements such as vintage fonts, faded colors, and distressed textures to create a standup pouch with a nostalgic feel. Include a graphic of a mango or a tagline that highlights the product's vintage appeal.


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