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Figgs Packaging in stand-up pouches..

Stand up Pouches for figgs was an important food crop. It is a highly healthy fruit that is valued as fresh fruit.

- It is a highly healthy fruit that is valued as fresh fruit.

- For the ancient people of the eastern Mediterranean, the fig was a significant food crop. It is a fruit that is valued for its freshness and great nutritional value.

- Figgs are gathered for both processing and fresh consumption.

- figgs trees can reach heights of more than 40 feet. Nevertheless, due to winter freeze damage, trees will die back to the soil level and are commonly trained as shrubs in locations such as Kentucky. Choose common figs that are cold tolerant and resistant to splitting and souring.

- Figgs trees should be sheltered from hard freezes as much as possible.

- Stand-up pouches can be used to store Figgs. Stand-up pouches are better for the environment.

- Stand-up pouch by Figgs, Stand-up pouch packaging is significantly more robust than regular pouches, which are easily damaged.

- Figgs grow from a complex floral structure with several internal ovaries. Fruits come in a variety of forms, from round to pear-shaped, lopsided to oblique. Ripe fig skin can be green, yellow, golden, violet, or black,purple or almost black.

- Figgs - transportable The most common type of stand-up pouch packaging is the Doy pouch, which has an unique circular base.

-Figgs can be packaged in stand-up pouches, goods can be shipped with puncture-resistant film protecting them, and other specialty films can provide further protection against moisture, contaminants, UV radiation, and other dangers.

-Figgs are simple to cultivate in warm areas, but they produce their greatest fruit in botany, varietals, growing practises, and disease and insect concerns.

-Figgs are high in both calcium and potassium. These minerals can complement one another to increase bone density.its very useful for health

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