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-Flat Bottom Stand up Pouches

-Flat Bottom Bag with Tearing Zipper
-Stand-up Bag
-Stand-up Zipper Bag

-Spout Pouch

-Biodegradable Packaging and Stand up Pouches

Flat Bottom Stand up Pouches

-Stand up pouches for Flat bottom pouches are those that have a fully flat bottom. They are also known as box pouches.

-These plastic pouches are an alternative to folding cartons or corrugated boxes.

-Flexible bags, as opposed to folded cartons, provide a smaller footprint and keep product fresher for longer.

- The flat bottom pouch, like carton boxes, has 5 sides that may be utilised for artwork or writing (up to 10 colours).

-Flat bottom stand-up pouches are gaining used in the packaging sector. When filled, these pouches stand on their flat bottoms on the shelves, attracting the attention of customers.

-They also take up less shelf space, allowing for more items to be exhibited than other packaging styles.

- One of the most significant advantages of utilising these bags is that they use fewer raw resources to create (12% less film) and can contain a greater quantity.

Benefits :

-They certainly need less energy to build and weigh less, both of which lower production costs.

-The flat bottom stand-up pouches reduce the requirement for the product's exterior packaging to be in cartons.

Flat Bottom Bag with Tearing Zipper


- The flat bottom bag with tearing zipper is suitable for food packing. it is sturdy and has a flat bottom.


- The customer's attention is drawn to it since it may be tastefully placed on the shelves and is simple to stack.

-The ripping zipper on these bags makes it incredibly easy to open the bags.

Stand-up Bag

- More businesses are shifting away from rigid packaging and towards flexible packaging, with stand-up bags being one of the most popular flexible packaging solutions.

- There are choices that are recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable.

Benefits :

- These bags provide the most adaptable and outstanding printed images on the bag, capturing the attention of potential clients.

-They may be manufactured in a variety of forms and sizes, which adds to their use.

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