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Stand-up pouch:

- Packing forms a very important part of the overall product and hence you should choose the packaging formats very wisely.

- Now a day’s any food items making then after storing purpose we can uses in stand-up pouches.

- Stand up pouches are largely preferred by the marketers as it not only gives the product an appealing look but is also an economical option.

- Stand-up pouch are very significant cost of Savings.

- It’s very light-weight and portable customer handle was very easy.

-It’s occupying very less storage space/ place

- stand-up pouches are Customized shapes and Sizes

- User friendly packaging Material.

-Complete protection of contents.

-High Oxygen and Moisture Barrier Properties.

- It’s Available for ZIP closure was very useful for stand up pouches why because item was not wasted.

- Stand up pouches have the ability to stand firm and the same time.

Benefits of Stand-up pouches

1. useful for any product

2. Great Designs

3. Better Capacity

4. Essay to travelling

1. useful for any product:

- Most stand up pouches are made of food-grade.

2. Great Designs:

- It’s up to you decide where you want the spout to be. it can be in either corner of the package or in the centre

- Some companies make a choice from a range of possibilities. For one of the other and then factor in this position into the graphic design on their package.

- The result can be incredibly striking and can really standout on supermarket shelves

3. Better Capacity:

- The size of the stand-up pouch depends on how much liquid you want to fit into the pouch. if you are not certain , ask supplier for guidance

- They know what weights work best for the different types of pouches.

-Stand up pouches have the ability to stand firm and at the same time they occupy very less space on the market shelves.

- You can include a display window on all the stand up pouches so that the customers can see the content of the content of the packaging.

4. Essay to travelling:

- Stand up pouches are very comfortable to travelling..

-Easy to carry because of very less weight..

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