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Stand up pouch for anjeer Packaging

- An jeer is a mineral powerhouse and so supports reproductive health since it contains zinc, manganese, magnesium, and iron.

-This dried fruit offers defence against hormonal abnormalities and post-menopausal problems due to its strong antioxidant and fibre content.

- An jeer helps manage diabetes by increasing insulin secretion due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

- Consuming 2-3 soaked An jeer in the morning helps to treat constipation by stimulating bowel movement due to its Retina (laxative) effects, according to Ayurveda.

- However, because dried figs are heavy in calories, they should be consumed in moderation.

-It is advised that you restrict your daily serving amount to roughly 2-3 figs. Furthermore, dried figs are a healthy snack for weight growth.


An jeer: Eating overnight soaked figs has incredible health advantages.

01- Soak some figs overnight for maximum effect.

02- Steps to Take...

03- Prevents constipation..

04-Maintains bone health.

05- Loss of weight...

06- Controls blood sugar levels.

07 - Reproductive health.

Anticancer Benefits of An jeer

- An jeer latex has been used to extract chemicals that are cytotoxic.

- Several cancer cell lines were inhibited from proliferating by these chemicals in vitro.

- As a result, an jeer latex is thought to be a potential inhibitor of cancer cell generation and development.

- Studies showing an jeer latex's possible anticancer effects on stomach cancer cell line growth.

-For Anjeer packaging, we are industry leaders in laminated pouches with digital printing and roll stock laminates.

- You've come to the correct spot if you own a small, medium-sized, or even bigger business and are always seeking for methods to use packaging to raise brand awareness and shelf appeal.

- Having partners like InstaPac is a terrific approach to assist reduce the workload because it may be challenging to handle all the moving components of a business on your own.

-With our cutting-edge manufacturing platform, we can offer flexible An jeer packaging that is custom printed with photo-quality graphics, priced affordably, and dispatched within 7 business days after artwork approval.

-For An jeer packaging, we also provide roll stock films and stock pouches.

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