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Zip Lock Pouch with hazelnut packaging.

- Hazelnut Stand Up Pouches For Hazelnut Are Excellent For Displaying Items On The Shelf Because They Have A Gusset On The Bottom That Allows The Bags To Stand On The Shelf.

- When compared to pillow pouches, which are always stacked on one corner and cannot be seen properly on the shelf, stand up pouches catch the customer's eye faster and have a higher chance of selling due to better visibility. Boost your product sales by using a Stand Up Pouch.

-The Stand Up Pouches' zipper allows for resealing.

- Stand Up Pouches include a zipper that allows them to be resealed. As a result, the customer does not require a container to store the bags. This feature gives you an advantage in selling more. -Stand Up Pouches are available in a variety of colours and sizes, so whatever your label colours are, we can match your background colour.

-Stand Up Pouch With Zipper Is Used To many items are Packed in Various Products.

-Items such as organic food, pharmaceuticals, super foods, nuts, coffee, tea, powdered spices, whole spices, cookies, biscuits, and granola are all packed in stand-up pouches with zippers.

-We are a prominent manufacturer and exporter of packaging bags, zippers, and pouches that have been quality-approved. The immaculate finish and extended lifespan of the items we offer are well regarded in the industry.

-The shelf life of a product packed in biodegradable bags will be less than that of standard plastic packaging. Before ordering the bags, please test the life of your goods.

To add value to your packaging, please switch to biodegradable packaging.

-This bag appears to be organic and natural. The stripped technique gives this pouch a timeless, handcrafted, and vintage appearance.

-The bag includes a clear window with a matte-effect, kraft paper-like appearance. In comparison to standard window pouches on the market, this product has a very effective moisture and oxygen barrier, ensuring that the goods within is kept fresher for a longer period of time.

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